Riverside Night market @ Wat Theva Sangkharam (only on Friday)

Riverside Night market @ Wat Theva Sangkharam is market in traditional Thai theme with locale seller wear traditional Thai fashion and serve many food with nature made container such as bamboo glass and bamboo straw. There also a seat near by river that your can buy some food from over 30 shops to eats there. Market open only on Friday from 6.00PM at Wat Theva Sangkharam Here is google map Location 20181102_180001 (A) 20181102_180008 (A) 20181102_180201 (A) 20181102_180232 (A) 20181102_180248 (A) 20181102_180516 (A) 20181102_180551 (A) 20181102_180644 (A) 20181102_181444 (A) 20181102_181645 (A) 20181102_183641 (A) 20181102_183914 (A) 20181102_184740 (A)
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