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welcome to sabaiatkan resort

Just a little hotel in kanchanaburi

Welcome to Sabai@Kan Resort

Sabai@Kan takes it name from the word ‘Sabai’ which means to relax and feel content .

Sabai@Kan Resort located close to the renowned River Kwai Bridge, guests at this hotel are in for a memorable vacation with the ecstatic scenery and serenity of this town surrounded by nature.

Our rooms have been carefully designed to give a natural calm ambience that is relaxing and elegant.

Everyone can experience a true
Thai style ‘Sabai Sabai’ feeling at our hotel.


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Standard room (4)

Standard Room

The room on second floor with all necessary equipment 

Superior room (4)

Superior Room

Our Superior room are situated on the ground floor, just steps away from our large stunning garden

Triple room (2)

Triple Room

These rooms offer a premium view over the garden and pool.

Kanchanaburi Famous Place

The River Kwai Bridge

The Bridge over the River Kwae since World War II

Erawan Waterfall

The waterfall flows down the hill through the tree and cliff, divided in to 7 tiers

Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi

one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Kanchanaburi with natural green surrounding


Sabai@Kan Resort was built in 2009 with the owner’s intention to create a place for themselves and their guests to stay together in a natural atmosphere. For the hotel, The Owner has designed by themselves. Based on the condition of the different area’s level, so it becomes a hotel as you can see now. We can enter the hotel from the 2nd floor together with the garden and the sound of water to relax every visitor.

Our Rewards

9.0 Rated by Guests


Chirstmas Party 2019 :24th Dec 2019

on 24th Dec night Join us at Sabai@kan resort for Christmas Eve ” Thank you party 2019” enjoy a fantastic dining to having a great time! our party start at 06.30 pm.with follow by our specials meal. Whether you’re looking … Read More

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River Kwai Bridge Light&sound Week 2019

Event period : 23 November 2019 – 2 December 2019 (update 10/11/19)

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Sabai@Kan and Friends, donated school supplies

Sabai@Kan resort and friends, donated school supplies and offered scholar ships to children who lack of opportunities at the School for the deaf Kanchanaburi ,Special school for the deaf and children with disabilities

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