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Chirstmas Party 2019 :24th Dec 2019

on 24th Dec night Join us at Sabai@kan resort for Christmas Eve ” Thank you party 2019” enjoy a fantastic dining to having a great time! our party start at 06.30 pm.with follow by our specials meal. Whether you’re looking … Read More

Sabai@Kan and Friends, donated school supplies

Sabai@Kan resort and friends, donated school supplies and offered scholar ships to children who lack of opportunities at the School for the deaf Kanchanaburi ,Special school for the deaf and children with disabilities


Sabai@Kan team give support for poor children


Chirstmas Party 2014-2018

Sabai@Kan_PartySabai@Kan_Party_02Sabai@Kan_Party_03Sabai@Kan_Party_04christmas party (9)christmas party (2)christmas party (5)christmas party (7)christmas party (8)christmas sabai at kan 2014 (1)christmas sabai at kan 2014 (2)christmas sabai at kan 2014 (5)christmas sabai at kan 2014 (6)christmas sabai at kan 2014 (7)christmas sabai at kan 2014 … Read More

Hotel Area

standardroomviewKanchanaburi (6)Kanchanaburi (5)Kanchanaburi (4)Kanchanaburi (3)Kanchanaburi (2)pool in night timeSabai@Kan_SurroundingSabai@Kan_Garden_04Sabai@Kan_Garden_03Sabai@Kan_SwimmingPool